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IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) 2013


ILSI Europe was present at the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) 2013 in Granada, Spain.

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ILSI Europe took part in the following events:

  • Session 'Biomarkers of response to nutrition interventions'.  How to use brain imaging techniques in nutrition intervention studies? Is there any limitation? The selection and application of biomarkers of inflammation in nutrition studies were described.
  • Oral presentation 'Towards nutrition guidelines for maternal and infant nutrition to influence long-term health of the offspring': the past and future of ILSI Europe work on metabolic imprinting. The oral presentation was given by Dr Ricardo Rueda (Abbott Nutrition, Spain).

ILSI Europe in collaboration with 5 other ILSI branches supported the following sessions:

  • Session 'Food Allergy'. This session provided an overview of the global effort that had been undertaken to review new low-dose data and tools for quantitative risk assessment.
  • Session 'Energy Balance and Active Living'. The session focused on the influence of diet and food consumption on energy balance, as well as the influence of physical activity on energy balance, which goes beyond the measurement of energy expenditure. Societal, environmental, and individual approaches to making physical activity more common for more people more of the were presented. 
  • Session 'Micronutrient Fortification - Science and Strategies for Public Health Improvement in Asia'. ILSI and ILSI Asia branches conducted studies to establish the scientific underpinnings for national food fortification initiatives and programs in several Asian countries. What are the scientific outcomes? What are the lessons learnt on administrative policy and business strategy adopted by the stakeholders?

Session "Biomarkers of Response to Nutrition Interventions"
Understanding Brain Imaging and Translating Outcomes: Structural and Functional MRI Techniques, Stéphane V. Sizonenko, Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, CH

Applying Structural Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging in Nutrition Studies: Uses and Limitations, Kristine B. Walhovd, University of Oslo, NO
Preliminary results presented at ICN have been removed from the presentation.  For more information on this preliminary data, please contact Dr Kristine Walhovd at

A Consideration of Biomarkers to be Used for Evaluation of Inflammation in Human Nutritional Studies, Philip C. Calder, Southampton General Hospital, UK

New Metablolomic Strategies in Clinical Nutrition Research: from Diet to Revealing Disease Risk Biomarkers, Cristina Andres-Lacueva, University of Barcelona, ES (not available)

Towards Nutrition Guidelines for Maternal and Infant Nutrition to Influence Long-Term Health of the Offspring, Ricardo Rueda, Abbott Nutrition, ES

Session "Food Allergy"
Introduction to ILSI's Food Allergy Programs at the Different Branches, Diána Bánáti, ILSI Europe, Be

Allergens Prevalence, Clare E. Mills, Institute of Inflammation and Repain, University of Manchester, UK

Probalistic Risk Assessment in Setting Allergen Thresholds, Steve Taylor, University of Nebraska, US

The Consumer Perpective - Living with Uncertainty, Audrey Dunn Galvin, University College Cork, IE

Protein Allergenicity, Gregory Ladics, DuPont Pioneer, US

Session "Energy Balance and Active Living"
Introduction and Welcome, James Hill and Prof. Marcela González-Gross

Perspective on the Influence of Diet/Food Consumption on Energy Balance, Gregorio Varela Moreiras, Facultad de Farmacia (Universidad CEU
San Pablo) Madrid, President of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

Complexity of Methodologies for Studying Energy Balance, David Allison, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Physical Activity: Impact on Morbidity and Mortality, Steven Blair, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, US

Perspective on the Influence of Physical Activity on Energy Balance, John Blundell, University of Leeds, UK


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In parallel to ICN 2013, ILSI Europe also organised a workshop on Low-grade Inflammation. More information here.

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