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Event Detail

ILSI Europe Annual Symposium - Science for Health

The next ILSI Europe Annual Symposium will be held on 26-27 March 2009 in the Hotel Renaissance, Brussels. The theme of the event is “Assessing and communicating risks and benefits”. Topics addressed are e.g. health claims on food, food additive assessments, emerging issues and integrated risk-benefit assessment.

Participants include representatives of ILSI Europe member companies as well as key academic scientific advisors and representatives of international organisations. 


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ILSI Europe: Science for Health - Dr. Nico van Belzen, ILSI Europe (BE)


Introduction to the symposium - Dr. Ib Knudsen, Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research (retired) (DK)


Will it hold in court? The importance of risk/benefit assessment language - Dr. John O'Brien, Food Safety Authority of Ireland (IE)


Expanding from risk assessment to risk/benefit assessment - Dr. Djien Liem, European Food Safety Authority - EFSA (IT)


Food additives: should benefits as well as risks be part of the assessment? - Dr. Sue Barlow (UK)


Getting the balance right: integrated risk-benefit assessment - Dr. Hans Verhagen, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment - RIVM (NL)


The proof of the pudding: scientific substantiation of health claims on food - Prof. Sean strain, University of Ulster (UK)


Enough is enough: maximum levels of nutrients - Dr. Inge Tetens, Technical University of Denmark (DK)


Signs of evidence - applying emerging biomarkers in human nutrition - Dr. Peter Weber, DSM (CH)


Today’s risks, tomorrow’s benefits: emerging issues - Prof. em. Gérard Pascal, National Institute of Agricultural Reserach - INRA (FR)


It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it - Risk/benefit communication in an informed society - Prof. Ragnar Löfstedt, King's College London (UK)



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