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Roundtable Workshop on "The Effects of Pre and Postnatal Nutrition of Infants with Obese Mothers: Metabolic Imprinting and Later Health Outcomes"

The prevalence of overweight and obese pregnant women is growing with the overall obesity epidemic. Although there is abundant evidence regarding the deleterious effects of excessive body weight and fat mass on metabolic and physiological processes within the body in the non-pregnant state, there is little known about the influences of overweight and obesity during pregnancy and lactation on the health of both the infant and the mother. Maternal overweight and obesity is associated with dysregulation of metabolic, vascular and inflammatory pathways and they have been identified as significant risk factors in the development of hypertensive complications during pregnancy (e.g. pre-eclampsia), gestational diabetes and childhood overweight.

The aim of the workshop is to produce a review of the evidence from the following parameters on long term health outcomes in the offspring born to obese and overweight mothers:

  • Strength of evidence from epidemiological studies, and from animal models
  • Role of maternal nutritional status
  • Tools for accurate assessment of maternal nutritional status in obese pregnancies
  • Role of maternal insulin resistance and gestational diabetes
  • Infant growth and body composition in utero and postnatally in obese pregnancies
  • Role of nutritional status during early life; breast feeding and formula feeding
  • Mechanisms including maternal and neonatal dietary factors; hyperleptinaemia, hyperinsulinaemia , inflammatory mediators and placental function
  • Interventions in obese pregnancy; the rationale of current strategies including restriction of weight gain and dietary and physical behavioural changes
  • Barriers to behavioural change in obese women
  • Identification of sensitive biomarkers (which are dose responsive and with long term efficacy)
  • Evidence for epigenetic effects
  • Transgenerational effects

Speakers' presentations

Introduction to the workshop - Fiona Samuels, ILSI Europe (BE)

Obesity related outcomes in pregnancy; short term consequences for the mother and child - Eugene Oteng-Ntim, Nina Khazaezadeh, Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (UK)

The evidence from cohort studies - Debbie Lawlor, University of Bristol (UK)

Consequences of gestational diabetes for the long term health of the child - Peter Damm, University of Copenhagen (DK)

What have we learnt from the HAPO study? - Moshe Hod, Tel-Aviv University (IL)

The maternal metabolic milieu in obese pregnancies - Naveed Sattar, University of Glasgow (UK)

Maternal nutritional status - Hans Hauner, Technical University of Munich (DE)

Insight from animal models: Convergence in models of the developmental origins of obesity? - Michael Symonds, University of Nottingham (UK)

Consequences of maternal over nutrition: Mechanisms of hyperphagia and insulin resistance - Suzanne Ozanne, Robert Gordon University (UK)

Epigenetics and fetal nutrition - Mark Hanson, Robert Gordon University (UK)

Gestational weight gain and pregnancy outcome - Andreas Beyerlein, University of Munich (DE)

A structured intervention for weight gain restriction among obese pregnant women - Ing-Marie Claesson, Linköping University (SE)

The new I.O.M. guidelines for maternal weight gain (USA) - Stephanie Atkinson, McMaster University (CA)

Strategies for intervention: how will ongoing studies help define future recommendations? - Lucilla Poston, King's College London (UK)

Workshop Summary Report

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