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2016 Annual Meeting

2016 ILSI Annual Meeting
22 - 27 January 2016
The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Sunday, 24 January
Monday, 25 January
  • ILSI North America Scientific Session: Beyond Appetite: New Perspectives on Eating Behavior

    From Stomachs to Minds: Why Cognition is Key to Understanding Food Intake
    - VIDEO
    Jeffrey Brunstrom, University of Bristol
    PDF of slides

    The Spectrum of Human Eating Behavior: From Healthy Intake to Overeating - VIDEO
    Caroline Davis, York University

    Main Street Divergent: Eating better for Less - VIDEO
    Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington
    PDF of slides

    Shifting from Individuals to Populations to Change Eating Behaviors - VIDEO
    R. Craig Lefebvre, RTI International
    PDF of slides

  • ILSI Research Foundation Scientific Session: Harvesting Open Data for Nutrition Security

    Keynote: The Role of Donors in Supporting Open Data Practice
    Stanley Wood, Gates Foundation
    PDF of slides

    A Governmental Perspective on the Role of Open Data in Kenya
    Casper Sitemba, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition
    PDF of slides

    The Role of Open Data for Addressing Hunman Nutrition Challenges in Africa
    Kathyrn Russel, ONE

    The Challenges and Pitfalls of the Use of Open Data
    Liz Carolan, Open Data Institute
    PDF of slides

    Open Data: Enabling Food System Transformation
    Robin Lougee, IMB
    PDF of slides

  • ILSI North America Scientific Session: What Gets Measured, Gets Changed: How Best to Assess Dietary Intakes & Exposure

    Overview on Current State of the Science on Dietary Exposure Assessment - VIDEO
    Carolyn Scrafford, Exponent
    PDF of slides

    Assessing Chemical Exposures: A Biomonitoring Update
    Antonia Calafat, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    PDF of slides

    Advances In Methodology: Food Safety & Dietary Intake - VIDEO
    Janet Cade, University of Leeds

    The Value of Self-Report Dietary Data: Challenges Related to Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation
    Amy Subar, National Cancer Institute
    PDF of slides

  • ILSI Europe Scientific Session: Human Microbiome and Health

    The Nexus of Food, Agriculture, Human Nutrition & the Gut Microbiome
    Jeffrey Gordon, Washington University School of Medicine
    presentation unavailable

    Targeting Microbiota – A New Science in Nutrition
    Boindala Sesikeran, National Institute of Nutrition India
    PDF of slides

    The Gut Microbiome: Our Misunderstood Friend & Foe – Impact of the Gut
    Colette Shortt, Johnson & Johnson
    presentation unavailable

    Microbiome on Entero-Hepatic Metabolism & Energy Availability
    Jean Michel Antoine, Danone
    PDF of slides

    The Gut Microbiota of Colombians Differs from That of Americans, Europeans and Asians
    Juan Escobar, Vidarium
    PDF of slides

    The Gut Microbiota in Costa Rican Population
    Fabrice Vaillant, University of Costa Rica
    PDF of slides

    Pro & Prebiotics as Modulators of Gut Microbiome in Management of Obesity & Metabolic Diseases
    Sampo Lahtinen, Dupont Nutrition & Health
    PDF of slides

    Microbiota Specific Modulation by Two Different Sources of Unavailable Carbohydrates
    Christian Hoffman, University of São Paulo
    presentation unavailable

    The Gut, its Microbes & Health:  New Knowledge & Applications for Asia
    Sofia Amarra, ILSI Southeast Asia Region
    PDF of slides

    Recent Progress of the Research on Microbiome & Probiotics in Japan
    Tamotsu Kuwata, Univ & Graduate School of Human Arts & Science
    PDF of slides

    Introduction of the One ILSI Exchange Platform Human Microbiome & Health
    Tobias Recker, ILSI Europe
    PDF of slides

Tuesday, 26 January