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Sharing Science Worldwide
ILSI shares science to diverse audiences by hosting, sponsoring, and co-organizing a variety of events around the world. These include independent symposia; workshops; hands-on scientific training; and sessions held as part of the program of larger scientific and professional meetings.

Even if you missed a recent or past event, copies of presentations and videos of presentations are often available.


Seminar on Food Consumption Data and Exposure Assessment
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10/10/2011 - 10/10/2011
Organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region
Seminar on Food Allergens – Science & Challenges for Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Thailand 4/7/2015 - 4/7/2015
Organized by ILSI SEA Region prior to ILSI SEA Region Annual Meeting 2015
Seminar on Crop Improvement for Food and Nutrition Security in Southeast Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Gene Stacking and Other Plant Breeding Techniques
11/20/2015 - 11/20/2015
Organized by ILSI SEA Region, co-organized by Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC), Singapore and in collaboration with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Seminar on Crop Improvement for Food and Nutrition Security in Southeast Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Gene Stacking and Other Plant Breeding Techniques
S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand 11/24/2015 - 11/24/2015
Organized by ILSI SEA Region, co-organized by BIOTEC and in collaboration with the USDA
Seminar on Beyond Nutrition - Meal Solutions for Ageing Populations
Australia 10/22/2015 - 10/22/2015
Organized by CSIRO's food innovation centre and ILSI SEA Region Australasia Country Committee, supported by Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) and Food Technology Association of Australia (FTAA).
Seminar on Advances in Analytical Technologies for Food Safety
Singapore 9/8/2015 - 9/8/2015
This half-day seminar is organized by Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore and ILSI SEA Region.
Seminar and Workshop on Cognitive Development and Assessment
Hilton Singapore, Singapore 4/16/2012 - 4/17/2012
Half-day Seminar on April 16 and 1.5-day Workshop (by-invitation only) on April 16 & 17, in conjunction with the ILSI SEA Region Annual Meeting on April 18-19​​
Seguridad Alimentaria y Biotecnología
Ibagué, Colombia 11/4/2015 - 11/4/2015
1er Simposio inernacional de Seguridad Alimentaria y Biotecnología con énfasis en OGM
Scientific Conference on Chinese Obesity Control and Research
Beijing, China 12/3/2011 - 12/3/2011
This important conference focused on research and applications of the energy balance principle
Saúde do Cérebro e Longevidade
AMCHAM – Rua da Paz, 1431- Chácara Santo Antonio - SP 10/13/2011 - 10/13/2011


Videos from Recent Events


ILSI Annual Meeting
January 2015
Chandler, AZ, USA

Did you miss Annual Meeting 2015? See keynote speakers and session speakers online now (PDF of presentations are included): AM2015 Videos

bread_butter_sm_19317562 (1).jpg EB2015 Session:
"Creating the Future of Evidence-Based Nutrition Recommendations, Using Lipid Research Case Studies
March 2015
Boston, MA USA

Videos Online: Evidence-Based Nutrition