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ILSI publishes articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings primarily in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.



A Review of the Environmental Safety of the Cry1Ac Protein
Monograph 1/1/2010
This document provides a comprehensive review of information and data relevant to the environmental risk assessment of Cry1Ac
Childhood Obesity: Partnerships for Research and Prevention
Monograph 1/1/2002
An ILSI Research Foundation 2002 monograph explores the rationale for a preventative approach to childhood obesity.
The Effects of Iron Deficiency and Anemia on Mental and Motor Performance, Educational Achievement, and Behavior in Children
Monograph 1/1/1998

This report is a review of all available literature dealing directly with the impacts of iron deficiency and anemia in children.

Technical Brief on Iron Compounds for Fortification of Staple Foods
Monograph 1/1/2002

This is a technical brief by the International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group summarizing information on the iron fortificants currently available to fortification programs.

Water Recovery and Reuse: Guidelines for Safe Application of Water Conservation Methods in Beverage Production and Food Processing
Monograph 8/1/2013
​Many beverage producers and food processors are experiencing multiple pressures to find ways to minimize the total volume of water they use in the production of their product, and also to reduce waste water discharges.
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Polymer Matrices - Phase 2.5 Report —Comparison of Existing Studies of Release Measurement for MWCNT-Polymer Composites
Monograph 11/1/2013
​Currently there are no broadly accepted methods for evaluating release of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) from polymer matrices, which is a crucial component of conducting exposure assessments for nanomaterials in consumer products.
Be Fit Not Fat - A Fitness Mantra for Teachers and Parents
Monograph 1/1/2009
An ILSI-India monograph provides information on how to help prevent overweight in children.
Healthy Mouth Healthy Body
Monograph 1/1/2009
This monograph discusses what we know about the connection between oral and system health.
Hidratación: Líquidos para la Vida
Monograph 1/1/2006
The ILSI North America Technical Committee on Hydration and ILSI Mexico are proud to announce that the monograph Hydration: Fluids for Life is now available in Spanish. This is a reprint of the 2004 monograph that covers the functions of water in the human system, the health effects of water loss, recommended intakes through the life cycle, and dietary sources of hydrating fluids.
ILSI Caffeine Monograph
Monograph 1/1/2002

This series of articles provides a review of the medical literature covering caffeine and behavior, calcium economy, and reproductive risks.



 ​Featured Publications for May 2015

Microbial hazards in irrigation water: standards, norms and testing
to manage use of water in fresh produce primary production

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 10 April 2015
Commissioned by the ILSI Europe Emerging Microbiological Issues Task Force

Assessing dietary exposure to caffeine form beverages in the U.S. population
using brand-specific versus category-specific caffeine values

Food and Chemical Toxicology, 20 March 2015
Commissioned by the ILSI North America Caffeine Working Group

Risk/Benefit Communication about Food – A Systematic Review of the Literature
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 9 January 2015
Commissioned by the ILSI Europe Consumer Science Task Force