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ILSI publishes articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings primarily in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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The Risks of Risk Assessment in Foods
Journal Article 1/1/1999
Food Safety Management Tools
Journal Article 1/1/1999
Functional Food Science in Europe – Theme Papers
Journal Article 1/1/1998
Effects of Moderate Alcohol Consumption on the Central Nervous System
Journal Article 1/1/1998
Scientific Criteria and the Selection of Allergenic Foods for Product Labelling
Journal Article 1/1/1998
Evaluation of the Budget Method for Screening Food Additive Intakes
Journal Article 1/1/1997
J.S. Douglass, L.M. Barraj, D.R. Tennant, W.R. Long and C.F. Chaisson. Food Additives and Contaminants, 1997, Vol. 14, No. 8, 791—802
Review of Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Reduced Risk of Coronary Heart Disease: Is the Effect Due to Beer, Wine, or Spirits?
Journal Article 1/1/1996
Comparative Methods of Toxicity Testing
Journal Article 1/1/1996
The Use of an Additional Safety Factor or Uncertainty Factor for Nature of Toxicity in the Estimation of Acceptable Daily Intake and Tolerable Daily Intake Values
Journal Article 1/1/1995
Determination of Digestible Energy Values and Fermentabilities of Dietary Fibre Supplements: A European Interlaboratory Study In Vivo
Journal Article 1/1/1995