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ILSI publishes articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings primarily in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Tenth Edition

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​Nutritional Appraisal of Novel Foods
Journal Article 12/1/1993
​High Temperature Testing of Food Contact Materials
Journal Article 12/1/1993
International Conference, Brussels Belgium, 16 September 1992
​An Analysis of the Risk of Exceeding the Acceptable or Tolerable Daily Intake
Journal Article 12/1/1993
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 1993;18(3):463-480
​Comparative Study of the Nutritive Value of Casein Heated by Microwave and Conventionally
Journal Article 12/1/1992
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1992;59(1):123-126
D-Amino Acids in Reconstituted Infant Formula: A Comparison between Conventional and Microwave Heating
Journal Article 12/1/1992
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1992;59(2):217-226.
​Dietary Fibre — A Component of Food: Nutritional Function in Health and Disease.
Journal Article 12/1/1992
ILSI Human Nutrition Reviews 1992
​Food Packaging: A Burden or an Achievement?
Journal Article 12/1/1991
Diet and Health in Europe — The Evidence.
Journal Article 12/1/1991
Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism 1991. 35(Suppl 1)
​Recommended Daily Amounts of Vitamins & Minerals in Europe
Journal Article 12/1/1990
​Re-Evaluation of Current Methodology of Toxicity Testing Including Gross Nutrients
Journal Article 12/1/1990
Food and Chemical Toxicology 1990;28(11):733-790