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​ILSI disseminates science by publishing articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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The Use of 35S and Tnos Expression Elements in the Measurement of Genetically Engineered Plant Materials
Journal Article 1/1/2009
An original paper in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry by Marcia Holden, et al.
Group: Sampling and Detection
Application of Food and Feed Safety Assessment Principles to Evaluate Transgenic Approaches to Gene Modulation in Crops
Journal Article 1/1/2010
Published in Food and Chemical Toxicology [48 (2010) 1773–1790], this article reviews the main aspects of the current safety assessment paradigm and to recommends scientifically sound principles for conducting a safety assessment for GM crops that are developed by technologies that modify endogenous plant gene expression.
Task Force #8
Improvements to the International Life Sciences Institute Crop Composition Database
Journal Article 1/1/2010
This article in Journal of Food Composition and Analysis describes enhancements made in Version 4.0 of the Crop Composition Database.
Evaluation of Protein Safety in the Context of Agricultural Biotechnology
Journal Article 1/1/2008

This document puts forth a scientifically based two-tiered, weight-of evidence strategy to assess the safety of novel proteins.


Task Force #6

Development of the International Life Sciences Institute Crop Composition Database
Journal Article 1/1/2004

A journal article describing the development and usefulness of the IFBiC Crop Composition Database.

Task Force #7
Crop Genome Plasticity and Its Relevance to Food and Feed Safety of Genetically Engineered Breeding Stacks
Journal Article 1/1/2012

​This article, published in the December 2012 issue of Plant Physiology, draws on insights from plant breeding, describes the plasticity of conventional plant genomes over generations of crossing and selection, and considers the implications of event stacking on food and feed safety in the context of normal plant genome behavior.

Task Force #9

Evaluating the Potential for Adverse Interactions within Genetically Engineered Breeding Stacks
Journal Article 1/1/2013

This article, published in Plant Physiology, discusses evaluation of the potential for interactions between the products of the events in a GE stack that impact food and feed safety in the context of conventional breeding of non-GE plants.

Task Force #9​

Editorial: Biotechnologies and Food: Assuring the Safety of Foods Produced by Genetic Modification
Journal Article 1/1/1990

​This editorial by Coulston et al. was published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (Volume 12, Issue 3, Part 2, December 1990).​

Assessment of the Allergenic Potential of Foods Derived from Genetically Engineered Crop Plants
Journal Article 1/1/1996

​This​ article by Metcalfe et al. was published in a special supplement to Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (Volume 36, November 1996).

Mineral Biofortification Strategies for Food Staples: The Example of Common Bean
Journal Article 1/1/2013

Proceedings from the 2012 IFBiC Plant Compositional Analysis Workshop, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ​(Blair et al. 2013;61(35):8287–8294).​
​Task Force #12​