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ILSI publishes articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings primarily in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Tenth Edition

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Foodborne Protozoan Parasites
Journal Article 1/1/2005
Foodborne Protozoan Parasites
Report/White Paper 1/1/2003
Report Series
Foodborne Viruses: An Emerging Problem
Journal Article 1/1/2004
Foodborne Viruses: An Emerging Problem
Report/White Paper 1/1/2002
Report Series
Foods Derived from Biotechnology
Monograph 1/1/2001
​Chinese translation of an ILSI Europe publication
Fortification and Health: Opportunities and Challenges
Journal Article 1/27/2015
This article is a summary of a symposium presented at the ASN Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2014 on current issues involving fortification focusing primarily on the United States and Canada and recommendations for the development of responsible fortification practices to ensure their safety and effectiveness
Fortification: new findings and implications
Journal Article 1/21/2014
This article discusses and evaluates the value of fortification, the success of current fortification efforts, and the future role of fortification in preventing or reversing nutrient inadequacies.
Fortified Foods Are Major Contributors to Nutrient Intakes in Diets of US Children and Adolescents
Journal Article 1/27/2014
This paper examines the impact of fortification on nutrient adequacy and excess among US children and adolescents.
Forum series: Research strategies for safety evaluation of nanomaterials
Book 1/1/2005

Holsapple, M. P., and Lehman-McKeeman, L. D. (2005). Forum series: Research strategies for safety evaluation of nanomaterialsToxicol Sci 87(2), 315.​

Four Classification Schemes for Adult Motivation
Journal Article 1/1/2006

Classification of perspectives on motivation and recommendations for measurement are provided.