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​ILSI disseminates science by publishing articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Tenth Edition

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Metabolic Response to Carbohydrate Ingestion during Exercise in Males and Females
Journal Article 1/1/2006

This article details three studies in 18-25 year-old endurance trained athletes to determine oxidation and optimal carbohydrate ingestion before and during exercise.

Dietary Reference Intakes: Implications for Fiber Labeling and Consumption
Other 1/1/2006

This article compares definitions of fiber, raising questions on criteria for defining fiber and analytical and functional was to distinguish among fibers.

Low-Carbohydrate Diets: Assessing the Science and Knowledge Gaps
Journal Article 1/1/2006

This article summarizes a 2005 workshop which sought to

assess the state of the science; clarify definitions and behavioral questions on low-carbohydrate diets; and identify

related research gaps. 

Mental Energy - Defining the Science 2006
Proceedings 1/1/2006

The proceedings Mental Energy: Defining the Science provide highlights of the April 2004 workshop on mental energy.

Understanding Tolerable Upper Level Intakes
Journal Article 1/1/2006

The supplement includes articles describing the science behind the philosophy and methods for deriving upper tolerable intake levels (ULs); how public health can best be served by the use of upper levels; and research needs for advancing the science that is used to establish the upper level.

Four Classification Schemes for Adult Motivation
Journal Article 1/1/2006

Classification of perspectives on motivation and recommendations for measurement are provided.


Hidratación: Líquidos para la Vida
Monograph 1/1/2006
The ILSI North America Technical Committee on Hydration and ILSI Mexico are proud to announce the monograph Hydration: Fluids for Life is now available in Spanish!  This is a reprint of the 2004 monograph that covers the functions of water in the human system; the health effects of water loss; recommended intakes through the lifecycle and dietary sources of hydrating fluids.
Dietary Sodium Intake and Its Relation to Human Health
Journal Article 1/1/2006

Papers address the role of sodium in fluid homeostasis with

exercise; the influence of dietary sodium on blood pressure;

salt sensitivity; the relationship between dietary sodium and cardiovascular disease; the interaction between sodium

and potassium; the role of dietary sodium in osteoporosis; and the formulation of dietary guidelines in light of scientific evidence.

Beverage Caffeine Intakes in Young Children In Canada and the US
Journal Article 1/1/2006

This article addresses caffeine consumption patterns and caffeine intake differences in Canadian and US children.

ILSI North America Conference on Hydration and Health Promotion - JACN Supplement
Journal Article 1/1/2006

This journal article discusses the importance of hydration and health promotion.