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ILSI publishes articles on original research, literature reviews and gap analyses, and meeting proceedings primarily in peer-reviewed journals. ILSI also publishes books, monographs, white papers, and other reports through ILSI Press.

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Best Practices for the Conduct of Animal Studies to Evaluate Crops Genetically Modified for Output Traits
Other 1/1/2007
An IFBiC / FASS reference publication scientists who conduct bioavailability, performance, processing, and animal-derived food product studies with nutrientenhanced crops and their coproducts.
October 2007 Workshop Background Paper on Sampling and Detection Methods
Other 1/1/2007
This report represents a unique survey of the present status of GMO activities in the North American Free Trade Agreement region.  Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Nutritional and Safety Assessments of Foods and Feeds Nutritionally Improved through Biotechnology: Case Studies
Journal Article 1/1/2007
Executive Summary in Journal of Food Science
History of Safe Use as Applied to the Safety Assessment of Novel Foods and Foods Derived from Genetically Modified Organisms
Journal Article 1/1/2007

This article from Food and Chemical Toxicology assesses the safety of novel foods and those derived from genetically modified organisms within a context of historically safe food.

The Application of Post-Market Monitoring to Novel Foods
Journal Article 1/1/2007

This article reviews the role of post-market monitoring in the assessment of novel foods, suggesting improvements for the methodologies and data in the future.

Safety Evaluation of Nutritionally Enhanced Crops through Biotechnology: Case Studies
Proceedings 1/1/2007
This document details a workshop held November 5-9, 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Utility of an International Sera Bank for Use in Evaluating the Potential Human Allergenicity of Novel Proteins
Journal Article 1/1/2007
This paper summarizes the consensus elements from a workshop to evaluate the potential utility of an international sera bank for evaluating the allergenicity of novel proteins.
Evaluating the effect of food processing on the potential human allergenicity of novel proteins: International workshop report
Journal Article 1/1/2007
This article presents the conclusions of a June 2006 workshop held in Estoril, Portugal held to discuss the effects of food processing on the allergenic potential of proteins and foods.
Report from ILSI Research Foundation on Microbial Risk Assessment
Journal Article 1/1/2007
Journal article in Journal of Food Protection describes framework for identification and collection of data for risk assessment use for microbial foodborne and waterborne hazards.
Cognitive Methods for Assessing Mental Energy
Journal Article 1/1/2007

This review assess the concept of mental energy and cognitive test used to assess it including cognitive performance, mood questionnaires, electrophysiological techniques, brain scanning technologies, and ambulatory monitoring.