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Strengths, Values, & Ethics

Public-Private Partnerships
ILSI has over 30 years of proven experience bringing together experts from many sectors –industry, government, and academia and other civil society organizations – to design and implement successful scientific programs.

National, Regional, and International Insight
ILSI’s branch structure gives us the ability to understand national and regional health concerns in context. The organization then leverages human and financial resources on an international scale to help resolve questions of science, to tailor culturally relevant health interventions, and to build scientific capacity at the local level.
Basic to Applied Science
ILSI funds and conducts basic research generating knowledge to help predict and explain phenomena throughout the incredibly diverse disciplines making up the life sciences. ILSI uses this scientific knowledge to develop practical programs, interventions, and technologies that improve human and environmental health and safety.
Our Values are Reflected in Our Code of Ethics
ILSI’s Code of Ethics and Organizational Standards of Conduct outlines ILSI’s ethical principles which guide us and all of the individuals who work with us. They describe the tenets behind our adherence to rigorous, peer-reviewed scientific investigation, and scientifically balanced, evidence-based work products.
The four principles in the Code of Ethics are summarized as:
  • Public Benefit
    All ILSI projects must have a primary public purpose and benefit, and must address issues of broad public health interest.

  • Conflict of Interest and Declaration of Bias
    ILSI believes that ensuring balance of perspectives is the most appropriate way to minimize the impact or influence any potential conflict of interest or bias may have on the scientific process. Therefore ILSI operates with transparency, conducts activities objectively, and is accountable to all stakeholders.

  • Lobbying and Advocacy
    ILSI does not lobby, conduct lobbying activities, or make policy recommendations for specific policy decisions.

  • Transparency
    The purpose and funding sources for all ILSI sponsored meetings, symposia, conference, seminars, and workshops are fully disclosed. All publications list funding sources and sponsors. Speakers and authors sign disclosures of financial and other interests related to the contents of their presentations and articles.

1985 IRS Tax Code Determination

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements for ILSI and Affiliate, 2013
The audited, consolidated financial statements for ILSI and the ILSI Research Foundation are posted here. These statements cover the ILSI governing and coordination functions managed by the headquarters office as well as the ILSI Research Foundation. These statements do not include the ILSI branches, which are independently incorporated in their home countries. ILSI does not own these branches; rather they are affiliated with ILSI through charter agreements.

ILSI have many programs devote to child health.

Our Values

Public Benefit
All scientific activities have a primary public purpose and benefit.


Scientists from many sectors of society – public and private – can best address complex science and health issues by sharing their unique perspectives.


All scientific activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner and all scientific outcomes are made available to the public to ensure confidence in the integrity of the process and outcomes.