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Sustainable Nutrition Security

Step Up to the Challenge
In response to the US President’s call to action made in the Climate Data Initiative, CIMSANS and AgMIP (The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Program) have formed a new partnership; one that will secure the resources and expertise necessary to evaluate seven novel nutrition and sustainability metrics of global food systems, including all of the world’s important staple and non-staple foods, through the year 2050. This methodology will enable thorough evaluation of potential interventions intended to enhance the resilience of food systems to global change impacts.

More details: CIMSANS/AgMIP Commitment
News Release: Sustainable Nutrition Security

Working Paper: Assessing Sustainable Nutrition Security - The Role of Food Systems

Release of this paper launches the sustainable nutrition security assessment project, including development of tools to carry out such an assessment and next steps for addressing the assessment outcome.
This paper, authored by more than 25 global experts in the fields of sustainability, climate change and food & nutrition, presents a vision for creating a credible, global assessment of sustainable nutrition security, given the constraints of growing global demand, climate change, dwindling resources, nutrition needs, and other factors. The paper better informs decision-making within both the public and private sectors, as society responds to the present and future threats to meeting global food and nutrition needs in a sustainable manner.


Working Paper

Sustainable ​Nutrition Security Working Group

​Tara Acharya ​PepsiCo, USA
​John Antle ​Oregon State University, USA
​Karen Cooper ​Nestlé, Switzerland
​Adam Drewnowski ​University of Washington, USA
​Jessica Fanzo ​Columbia University, USA
​Martijn Gipmans ​BASF, Germany
​David Gustafson ​CIMSANS, USA
​John Ingram ​Oxford University, United Kingdom
​James Jones ​University of Florida, USA
​Gerald Nelson ​University of Illinois, USA
​Rosie Newsome ​Institute of Food Technologists, USA
​Anne Roulin ​Nestlé, Switzerland
​Alex Ruane ​NASA, USA
​Gail Tavill ​ConAgra Foods, USA
​Keith Wiebe ​International Food Policy Research Institute, USA




































CIMSANS believes nutritional quality of the food supply must be a part of climate change discussions.

CIMSANS's vision is to produce a comprehensive, globally-integrated model-based assessment of how food (and especially its nutrient content) is produced, processed and consumed to determine food security outcomes; i.e. the fundamental role food plays in sustainable nutrition security (SNS). While recognizing that SNS is ultimately also dependent on a number of other factors such as sanitation, health care, nurturing, etc., CIMSANS concentrates on the crucial role nutrients play in food security, thereby making an important contribution to the broader agenda.