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ILSI Research Foundation
1156 Fifteenth Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005 USA 

Centers of Excellence



About RF

The ILSI  Research Foundation is a distinct, complementary, non-membership component of the ILSI network. Using the same global, multi-sectorial approach, the Research Foundation reaches out to other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and industry for support and partnership in designing and executing programs of importance to a broad range of stakeholders committed to improving human well-being and environmental health.

The Research Foundation’s current priority areas of work are currently grouped in to four centers of excellence and a program:

Risk Science

Climate Change and Nutrition Security
Nutrition and Physical Activity

2014 ILSI Research Foundation Board of Trustees

Leading experts from academia and industry serve on the Research Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which guides the organization’s mission to deliver science addressing real world problems and maintains a strategic view so program outcomes are relevant now and into the future.

Dr. Dennis Bier ​Baylor College of Medicine ​USA
​Dr. James Bus ​The Dow Chemical Company (Retired) ​USA
Dr. Adam Drewnowski (Chair) The University of Washington ​USA
​Dr. Marion Ehrich (Ex Officio) ​Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ​USA
​Professor Dr. Lynn Frewer ​​Newcastle University UK ​
​Dr. Jerry Hjelle ​Monsanto Company ​USA
​Dr. James Jones ​The University of Florida ​USA
​Dr. Takeshi Kimura ​Ajinomoto Company, Inc. ​Japan
​Dr. Michael Knowles ​The Coca-Cola Company (Retired) ​Belgium
Dr. Josette Lewis University of California, Davis USA
​Dr. John Peters ​Colorado University Health & Wellness Ctr. ​USA
​Dr. Peter van Bladeren ​Nestlé ​Switzerland
ILSI Research Foundation Conflict of Interest Policy