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Biotech and Environment

The Center for Environmental Risk Assessment
The Center for Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA) was established by the non-profit International Life Sciences Institute Research Foundation in March 2009. CERA builds on that organization’s strengths of risk assessment, tripartite engagement, and the dissemination of new scientific knowledge.
CERA’s purpose is to develop and apply sound science to the environmental risk assessment of agricultural biotechnologies so their contributions to sustainable production of food, fuel and fiber may be safely realized. The Center’s research projects are currently focused on genetically modified (GM) plants and, more recently, transgenic arthropods. This scope will be broadened over time to include transgenic animals.
CERA’s particular focus on environmental risk assessment is supported by an outstanding Advisory Council of eminent scientists, scientific staff with considerable risk assessment and regulatory expertise, and an international network of regulators and scientists from government, academia, and the private sector, who contribute to the Center’s program of work.
CERA’s work is done on a global scale. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are just some of the countries that partner with CERA on projects. Our conferences, workshops and other activities in-country are complemented by our online resources and numerous peer-reviewed publications. In this way, CERA’s impact is truly international.
CERA Resource​s
The GM Crop Database provides accurate, factual, safety-related information about regulatory evaluations and approvals of genetically modified (GM) plants. This searchable database is used extensively by regulatory agencies, the academic and product developer communities, civil society organization, members of the value chain and the interested public.
CERA’s Bibliography contains a comprehensive collection of over 4,000 citations from peer-reviewed literature, books, and conference proceedings relevant to agricultural biotechnology. Users may customize their queries by searching the Bibliography by keyword, author, date, and source.