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Childhood Obesity: Future Directions and Research Priorities
Journal Article 1998
This article is part of a 1998 supplement to the journal Pediatrics "The Causes and Health Consequences of Obesity in Children and Adolescents."

Authors: James Hill and Rick Trowbridge

The threat of obesity is greater than ever for US children and adolescents. All indications are the current generation of children wil grow into the most obese generation of adults in US history. Furthermore, there is every expectation that the next generation of children is likely to be fatter and less fit than the current generation. Despite recognition of the severe health and psychological damage done by childhood obesity, it remains low on the public agenda of important issues facing policy makers. Perhaps this is because the most serious health effects of obesity in today's children will not be seen for several decades. Action must be taken now to stem the epidemic of childhood obesity. This action will require prioritization of research into the etiology, treatment, and prevention of childhood obesity. It is unlikely that sufficient resources for such research will be available from public and private sources until the issue of public childhood obesity is moved higher on the public agenda.

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