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International Life
Sciences Institute

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The ILSI Research Foundation uses international, multi-stakeholder expert groups to develop and apply decision approaches, focusing resources where they matter most for public health.


Diminishing availability of natural resources, growing populations, and increasing financial constraints put pressure on society to achieve more with less in ensuring human safety and well-being. We must recognize these mounting limitations when developing and using decision-support methods critical to effective risk management. New approaches, created with the understanding that resources are likely to remain scarce, must be considered in order to maintain and improve health.


The ILSI Research Foundation addresses unmet needs in human health risk management where application of new methods and approaches will reduce waste and improve health.

We use a network of experts who provide a range of perspectives on the issues we address, which fosters productive and rewarding scientific dialogue. Representatives from government, civil society organizations, industry, academia, health and professional groups, and international organizations come together at to collectively identify and solve health issues of common interested so that everyone involved is proud of the quality of the scientific output. At the ILSI Research Foundation, projects are designed, vetted, and steered by independent and highly respected experts from differing but balanced viewpoints. The process is transparent to all stakeholders from beginning to end. In this way, the Center ensures output of frameworks, data, and methods that are accepted and used by all.


Because ILSI Research Foundation develops new and improves existing methods and evaluations used in risk management, your valuable support helps the center address critical public health issues in effort to improve well-being worldwide.


The ILSI Research Foundation was formed in 1984 to create a philanthropic vehicle for ILSI to support original research.  Its Board of Trustees—from public and private entities around the world—guide the Foundation in its mission to deliver ground-breaking science that is useful now and into the future.