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A European Commission Concerted Action Programme

Supported by the European Commission, DG Research
Thematic Programme 1 - Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources
Key Action 1 - Health, Food and Nutrition

Organised by

International Life Sciences Institute - ILSI Europe
83, Avenue E. Mounier, box 6
B-1200 Brussels
Co-ordinator: Dr. Laura Contor - ILSI Europe
EC-contact: Dr. Jürgen Lucas - Research DG

Duration of the project: from 1 April 2001 to 1 April 2005
Contract number: QLK1-2000-00086

For more information on the PASSCLAIM project, please contact

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Time Frame

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€ 1,200,000
To be completed
This project aimed:
•To produce a generic tool with principles for assessing the scientific support for health-related claims for foods and food components which are eatable or drinkable
•To evaluate critically the existing schemes which assess the scientific substantiation of claims
•To select common criteria for how markers should be identified, validated and used in well-designed studies to explore the links between diet and health
Key achievements
•The PASSCLAIM Consensus Document contains consensus criteria on a pan-European level to assess the scientific support for claims on foods, and was widely disseminated among scientists, industry, consumer groups and regulators.
•The PASSCLAIM Consensus Document assists those making and regulating claims.
•PASSCLAIM provides consumers with the assurance that claims are well founded and justified.
• In its comments on Codex Circular Letter 2005/46-FBT on Food Safety Assessment of Food Derived from Recombinant-DNA Plants Modified for Nutritional or Health Benefits, the European Commission referred to PASSCLAIM as follows: "As regards to the methods (…) it is essential that only those recognised by the whole of the international scientific community be used. In the case of the evaluation of health claims, those already being drawn up (PASSCLAIM, Codex) lay down that the quantity and availability of the nutrient about which the claim is made must be verified throughout the lifecycle of the product."
•EFSA referred to PASSCLAIM in its draft opinion on scientific and technical guidance for preparation and presentation of the application for authorisation of a health claim.
Role of ILSI Europe
Coordinator. To be completed
For more information on the PASSCLAIM project, please contact