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Nutritional and Safety Assessments

Task Force on Nutritional and Safety Assessments of Foods and Feeds
Nutritionally Improved through Biotechnology

Scope of Work

In 2004, an IFBiC task force and an expert working group developed the document “Nutritional and Safety Assessments of Foods and Feeds Nutritionally Improved through Biotechnology”.1  The value of the document was confirmed when the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) referenced it in its Guidance Document of the Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms for the Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants and Derived Food and Feed and when Japan and Australia cited it in their country comments to Codex.

A second phase of work initiated in 2005 resulted in a paper describing five case studies demonstrating how to apply the recommendations outlined in the Task Force’s previous 2004 publication. The case studies were on a broad range of products:

  • double-embryo maize for higher protein and oil (University of California, Riverside)
  • an improved (synthetic) protein sweet potato (asp-1; Tuskegee University)
  • sweet potato rich in provitamin A (HarvestPlus)
  • increased provitamin A rice (Golden Rice 2)
  • increased lysine in maize (Renessen)

An Executive Summary was published in 2007,2 and the full manuscript was published in January 2008.3


Although disbanded, the Task Force continues to have impact.  Through partnerships, the Task Force’s findings and recommendations have been conveyed to hundreds of thought leaders around the world, most recently: 2007 EFSA scientific hearing; 2007 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo of the of the American Dietetic Association; 2007 10th Asian Congress of Nutrition5;  2007 joint IFBiC–United Nations University workshop; and 2006 at AOAC.4

Task Force Experts

Bruce Chassy, University of Ilinois
Gijs Kleter, Wageningen University
Martina Newell-McGloughlin, University of Californial, Davis
Richard Phipps, University of Reading

Task Force Members

Bayer CropScience
Dow AgroSciences
Monsanto Company
Pioneer Hi-Bred, A DuPont Company
Syngenta Corporation

Task Force Leadership

Kevin Glenn, Monsanto (Chair)


2006 Workshop of the OECD Task Force on Novel Foods and Feeds, Athens Greece.  Background and Presentations.​


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